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Okay so how you play:

1) Move with WASD

2) Shoot by clicking things

3) Don't die by touching things that look like they can kill you

Each player/AI has a team, a random colour. Players with colours more similar to your own take less damage from you, and in turn deal less damage to you. If they are similar enough in colour, then they treat you as an ally. (marked with a plus.)

There are also empty pits which you can put a tesla coil in by shooting them. They connect to nearby, friendly ones.

Also, if you click again while you have a bullet out, it creates a healing well. Nearby players/AIs will, instead of taking damage, be healed by bullets that hit it. Similar colours will heal you more than enemies. This means you can trick your enemies into healing a buddy, or (more often) have no choice but to plop a healing right next to your opposition, so you can get your bullet back. Healing enemies also makes your colour more similar to theirs.

But wait! There's more! If you hold down left-click, you can get your bullet past players and tesla lasers.

And as an added bonus, right-clicking will make your camera follow your bullet. It's actually completely useless but

Unfortunately, there is no sound. Or background. And that's not good. Also, the game isn't any fun because the AI is pretty dumb, and the bullets feel like jello, and the tesla coils sometimes just OHKO you because you were in the wrong spot.

Hey, at least I know what's wrong with it.


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